About SEMI


The Spanish Society of Internal Medicine, in numbers

The Spanish Society of Internal Medicine is one of the most recognized scientific societies in the medical field in Spain.

Founded in 1952, it currently has more than 8,000 members divided into 12 Autonomous Societies.

SEMI has 21 working groups of which its members participate. These groups are the basis of the scientific production of SEMI with 34 national patient records of different pathologies.

Among them is a group dedicated exclusively to Training. This group annually celebrates the Resident’s Evening in the National Congress with more than 400 attendees, the Resident Summer School and has developed numerous projects (training books, mobile applications of medical content).

We have two own journals (Revista Clínica Española and Revista Española de Cases Clinicos en Medicina Interna) as well as publication of protocols and clinical guidelines.

In 2012, the SEMI organized the European Internal Medicine Congress in Madrid, with more than 2,400 attendees and a high level of satisfaction.

The SEMI is committed to training from the base: Collaborates with the State Council of Medical Students annually, actively participating in the holding of congresses for students.

Of the 13 first candidates of the MIR exam of 2017, 7 have chosen the specialty of Internal Medicine.


Residents and Young Internists, a priority to SEMI

Spanish hospitals have approximately 1,500 Internal Medicine Residents and 250 Tutors, about 20% of SEMI’s total membership.

This means that training has always been a priority for our Society. This was the opinion of Professor Jaime Merino, President of SEMI from 1992 to 1994 and director of the EFIM Summer School in 1998. This school was held in Alicante (Spain), being the starting point for the rest of the Schools in Europe and Spain.

SEMI have a wide experience in these events, having developed 10 Summer Schools for Spanish residents. Celebrated in different points of our geography, this activity has been strengthened over the years, welcoming in each edition 60 Spanish residents, from 3 to 6 Portuguese and 10 from different countries of Latin America.  In 2018 it was held in the city of Gijón, with an average score of 4.61/5 points.

In addition, the SEMI National Congresses have the “Resident’s Evening” for almost 4 hours and 400 attendants, where clinical cases are exposed and issues of interest for young internists are discussed.

Therefore, SEMI have the necessary experience organizing activities for Young Internists with excelents results.