General information

Congress Venue

Real Centro Universitario El Escorial-María Cristina
Paseo de los Alamillos, 2, 28200
San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid

Technical Secretariat

S&H Medical Science Service S.L.
C/ Espronceda 27, Entreplanta. 28003 Madrid
Tel: 91 535 71 83 – Fax: 91 535 70 52


The town

After the first evaluations by the technical team that organizes the congresses and meetings of SEMI (S&H Medical Science Service), El Escorial is proposed as the seat of ESIM Summer School.

Madrid, capital of our country, has excellent communications. The town of El Escorial is located 45 kms northwest of Madrid, 50 minutes by car from the city center. In June, the average temperature is 20ºC.

The chosen town has the experience of hosting multiple conferences and meetings, such as the “Escorial Courses” held by the Complutense University of Madrid throughout the summer. It has sufficient tourist capacity with an extensive cultural and outdoor program to perform recreational activities during the celebration of the summer school.

El Escorial provides enough tranquility to carry out training during the day as well as mild temperatures and good atmosphere to enjoy summer nights.

The meeting center

The Colegio Mayor of the Royal University Center of El Escorial María Cristina has been proposed as meeting center.

Cozy and comfortable, it has all the features and facilities necessary for the proper functioning of the school, as well as the necessary facilities for the attendees.

The Colegio Mayor has a gym, indoor sports center, tennis court and swimming pool. It also has a library, laundry service and medical service.

It has 113 rooms, all of them with bathroom inside the room. The center has an auditorium with capacity for 420 people and classrooms with capacity for 40 to 80 people. All facilities have internet connection and Wi-Fi.


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Why Spain to host Summer School?


  • El Escorial, a town near Madrid, well connected to Europe.
  • Individual rooms with bathroom in a university college.
  • A demanding training program with a surprising playful activity.
  • Adjusted to the budget of 995 euros per assistant