Outdoors program

Wednesday afternoon: Rafts Gymkhana

It is an activity that combines both land orientation and the construction of a raft.

Each team will receive an orientation map, a compass, and the specific instructions. They will need to find different orientation beacons. For each orientation beacon they find, the team will win elements that they will then use for the construction of the raft. At the end, they will have to pass the final test: the whole team must get on the raft and make a circuit throughout the lake.

Rafts are built with non-conventional materials (drums, boards and rope to tie woods to the raft, and oars for rowing)

For this activity you will need special clothing: sneakers, shorts, t-shirt, swimsuit


 Friday afternoon: Cultural visit

A English guided tour by the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, built between 1563 and 1584 by King Felipe II. It includes a monastery, a basilica, a royal palace and the crypt where the remains of the kings of Spain are buried. A great opportunity to understand the history of our country.